About Us


As “experience experts”, we are committed to promoting the business of “eventing” for the benefit of the several, small businesses that depend on this industry to promote their enterprise.

Our platform provides the following services:

Event Listing

  • List your upcoming events for free.


Advisory Services

  • We offer expert advice born out of experience and research to stakeholders in the event industry (venue owners, event owners, event exhibitors, event sponsors and event visitors) on various aspects of the event lifecycle like, event concept creation, event design, efffective event naming, proper venue selection, marketing, media coverage, sponsorship and partnership opportunities, recommended events and so on.


Directory Services

  • We aim to provide a comprehensive and uptodate list of the contact details of key stakeholders in the event industry. 



  • We deliver the news about local and global small business events. We also analyze other related small business issues.


Television Services

  • We provide television programming dedicated to small business events and its analysis.


 Video Services 

  • We produce short videos on local and global small business events and even provide video coverage services at a fee to interested clients.



  • Foresighted small business managers and event owners across disciplines come to us for training in areas such as marketing, digital strategy, event financing, media and technology services.



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