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Cake Delight

Cup cakes, queen cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, themed cakes and all kinds of cakes. While the global appetite for cakes is insatiable, its is not often the case that everyone knows where to get the perfect cake for that special occasion from. Cake Delight will offer visitors the opportunity to know all that they require about cakes under one roof and to taste as well. Cake makers will probably find this platform to be one of the best opportunities to expose their craft to an appreciative market and in the process grow their sales and find new leads for market expansion. Timing the exhibition in the week of Valentine celebrations ensures that it will be a packed house. Standing room only.  Register now!


Pearls And Beads Exhibition

For centuries pearls and beads have defined Nigerian culture and heritage whether as celebratory items, gifts or as expressions of royalty and wealth. Today these ornaments are making their way into urban society as contemporary fashion items. Bead makers and weavers, either for bespoke or commercial purposes, are making a name for themselves as fashionistas. The Pearls and Beads exhibition is designed to thrust the beading industry into its proper commercial realm by providing much needed exposure and markets for the countless small businesses engaged in beading. This ancient art that has endured is about to be transformed into a modern day commercial machine. Get ready to be dazzled by an array of designed ornamental beads like never before. Register now!


Oils And Fragrance Bazaar

Personal grooming is not complete without the final dab of a preferred fragrance nor is a beauty treatment complete without the compliment of softening oils. What’s your preference? Jasmine, Lavender, Breezy Lemon, Oud, Wild Roses? Whatever your preference, there will be enough to choose from at the Oils and Frangrance Bazaar as purveyors of these items serve up fragrances and oils you never new existed. Oils and fragrances are perhaps one area in which small businesses are showing the greatest innovation in products but there markets remain small and this Bazaar will do a lot in helping them overcome these challenges. This is a one stop event for fragrance lovers, experts, dealers and manufacturers you there! Register now!


Gifts And Wraps

Despite being a major fixture of life, the art of gift selection and wrapping have never really been given their deserved prominence, nor have the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the perfect gift for each occasion is available along with the appropriate packaging for it. The gifts and wraps exhibition is a celebration of “the art and people” involved in the gifts and wraps industry allowing them to showcase their talents and for exhibition visitors to experience the essence of gifts in new ways they didn’t think possible. The date of the exhibition is perfectly timed to coincide with the Christmas and year end festivities to give it a deserved verve. This is a new kind of exhibition experience no one should miss. Register now!

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