Africa Data Centre & Cloud Summit

"Cloud, Edge and Beyond"
Africa is leapfrogging into new technology with the huge adoption of the smartphone which has led to an explosion of data. The need for data centres grows exponentially, with a report from Statista indicating that an estimated $188 billion is going towards data centres systems. Many global companies are looking to Africa for data centre development and support. Several factors have contributed to the growth of the African DC market, including lower fiber prices, a high rate of workload migration to the cloud, the rise of consumer and enterprise digital natives, and growing user concerns over data privacy, security and sovereignty. Nigeria is ranked among the top five countries for DC markets in Africa. With over 25 licensed commercial banks in the country and several other foreign banks, it is also attracting maximum investments on the DC front. Register for the Summit now and learn of the rapid developments and opportunities for data centres and cloud tech emerging for Africa.

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