This is a training on how to use digital means to market and sell with ease. Attendees learn practical ways and strategies there in.

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Become A Digital Marketing Expert.


For 10 years, I have been running business with my sole (major) marketing reliance on the internet and social media platforms to be precise. This business grew in 5 years to 13 staff, and 16 freelance sellers.

With the growing entry into entrepreneurship, more sales are needed to survive the competition, so businesses need creative and new (tried and tested) ways to get across their product and service messages that will translate to sales.

Frankly, who needs to attend a class on selling? It is *YOU* and everyone who wants to increase their sales, that's who! If you are like many WHO MUST SELL 'DAILY'! Then you should attend this training or send your representative.

You might have a new business or you have been trying to sell online, have you been trying to ensure you use digital media to your advantage yet it's not converting? Or you are still forming the thoughts of how to start? Then you MUST attend this training on how to use digital media to make relevant sales that will keep you or your clients in business and make you live the life of your dreams.

Businesses fail daily! With 90% failure rate in Nigeria, it takes something extra to pass the 1 year and 5 year marks to reach 10 years (we have beaten these). If businesses do not go online (digital/social), they lose authenticity, show no authority, lack engagement with customers and prospects, business growth becomes more expensive and they lose money! (Do not be these kind of persons).

The actions you saw in the 2019 elections of Omoyele Sowore of African Action Congress *was headed by me - Tella Temitayo*. I mapped out the strategy, did the training, inspired the team, equipped with tools and showed them the way which made 'Sowore' *become the 3rd most discussed and relevant brand on the internet in the first 3 months of engagements.*

We have assisted different brands (both small and big) to get 100 prospects in 30 days, manage social media handles, turned online platforms into a sales 'machine', rejigged the products and sales strategies, and trained a total of 31 CEOs and digital marketing experts in our last 7 classes.

In the 25 most in-demand technical skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn, social media marketing was number 14. Hundreds of businesses spring up daily and just as they start with a CEO, they need a social media expert, that should be you.

Learn In Class;

1. The need for Social Media and the right social media marketing channels.

2. Marketing Simplified (Principles, Psychology and Plan)

3. Developing a social media marketing plan.

4. The art of Selling (Actions, Principles, Words)

5. Crafting an in-depth customer persona and use it as a base for social media content creation.

6. Access practical session to sharpen targeting and precision in social media customer reach.

7. Deployment of strategies to improve the shareability of social media content. (15 types of contents as a case study)

8.  Planing and sustaining social media content calendars and activities through developing a content calendar and deploying scheduling tools.

9. Management of day-to-day social media activities to grow online communities, engage members, sustain relationships, and foster brand loyalty and advocacy.

10.  How to connect and engage prospects with tools.

11. The right language use that translates to sales.

12. Social media tools that make all the work easy.

13. Grow followers, get likes, retweets and shares.

The training costs 50,000 naira (see 50% discount and bonuses below) and holds on the 26th and 27th of October 2019 in Surulere, Lagos State.

*There is an online class for 10,000 naira* for those outside Lagos.

We are going to show you in class what other trainers do not show you - the emotions, logic and strategy behind achieving social media needs (sales, publicity, reach, sign-ups etc).

Our 10 years experience has given us the practical authority relevant for you to just follow to achieve results.

Early payments before October 15th, makes payment to be 25,000 naira only. So you should pay early so as to enjoy the discount.

*BONUS FOR THE TRAINING* (earlier payments);

- Free marketing plan

- Free Sales Letter

- Free Online Brand Analysis

- Free Sales From Home Strategy

*(for payments before September 30th 2019).

- Free website name hosting for a year.

*(for payments after September 30th 2019).*Remember why you started business.*

We want to help you keep that dream alive. RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW by making payment in our account;



First BankAnd send us a proof of payment.

Call/chat 08068977601


.*TELLA Temitayo*

*_Business Coach and Entrepreneur_*


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