Lagos CoatFest 2019

The goal of CoatFest globally is to introduce and transfer the latest technological breakthroughs in decorative coatings, soil treatments, floor coatings and treatment, roof coatings, substrate treatments, safety and insulation technologies against sound, water, fire and heat using coatings. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria and most likely going to be the biggest event for professionals and artisans in the building, construction and interior decoration sector in Nigeria.

What to expect

• Next-generation building and wall finishing technology unveilings

• Hands-on practical sessions

• One-on-one networking with the prominent people in the building sector in Nigeria

• Mind-bugling Innovative discoveries

• Opportunity to collaborate with our indigenous & foreign partners

Who can attend?

• All professionals involved in setting up a property from Architects to surveyors, builders, engineers and real estate developers.

• All skilled professionals from tillers to painters, site managers, roofers, plumbers, safety and ventilation experts.

• Large scale farmers

• Interior decorators

• Property owners

• Enthusiasts


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